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Digital Photo Restoration
Can my photograph be restored?
As you can see on this page, even badly damaged photographs can be digitally restored. However, not all are so fortunate. Click HERE to see examples of photographs that we could not restore succesfully!

Digital Photo Restoration and Photo-to-Art

At The Framer's Workshop we specialize in personal service for every photo restoration client we work with. We offer extensive digital repair, restoration and artistic effects. You might want to change the background on a snapshot, add colorized effects, put a photo on canvas, change a photo to a water color, or simply order a high quality duplicate of a favorite antique. Photo restoration services can even turn a snapshot into pop art!

The process is simple: Bring in or send us your photo or document. We accept prints, digital files, and negatives. Tell us what you would like to accomplish with the image. We will scan your print, digitally restore and print your image on Luster, Enhanced Matte, or Cotton Rag paper, and return your original to you. Your original photo never leaves our shop.

If your image has already been scanned, you can upload it for restoration from this page:

Upload  your scan for restoration here.

Scroll down for lots of Photo Restoration, Toning and Photo-to-Art examples

1915 San Francisco Fire Engines Panorama
Above is a 1915 panorama of the San Francisco Fire Department. The original, almost four feet in length, was yellowed, creased and spotted. We scanned it in sections, reassembled them in Photoshop, then restored the image digitally. We decided to give it a slight vintage "umber" look rather than return it to its original pure black and white.
If you click the image above you can see a full size representation.
1944 Photo Before Restoration
1944 Photo After Restoration
1944 Photo Before and After restoration, detail
This vintage, WWII Panorama of the 590th Quartermaster Salvage Repair Company, Camp Ellis, IL, had grayed and yellowed with age. It also had several tares and multiple creases along its 27" length. We scanned the original in pieces, digitally reassembled them and then removed the creases and tares, increased the contrast and sharpened the detail. We kept the slightly yellow tint to retain its 'antique' quality. The digital reprint looked even better than new.
Photo Restoration
The above photograph was stuck to the glass because the frame did not have an air space between the glass and the photo. There was no way to remove the photograph from the glass without damaging it even further. We scanned the photograph with the broken glass in place (left), then re-scanned the photograph without the glass for a sharper view of the intact parts of the photo (middle), so that it could be completety restored using the two scanned images as a guide (right). We then printed and framed the new photo using a mat to create the proper air space, and ultraviolet protective glass to help prevent fading.
Woman with Turban Black and White photo
The original photograph had been mounted to an acidic cardboard stock backing. Over time it oxidized and became increasingly brittle to the point where it literally cracked and was, at some point, taped together with Scotch tape. The original was quite large and needed to be scanned in sections and reassembled before it could be restored to its original sepia and turquoise color. The photo emulsion of this photograph had gotten wet and stuck to the glass and required extensive restoration work.
Grandfather and Child Handworked Oval Photograph
The original photograph was quite large and had to be scanned in sections and reassembled before it could be restored to its original sepia tone. The original in this instance is a photograph that had been worked with charcoal. However, it was done on cheap paper and framed with a corrugated cardboard backing causing the original paper to become brittle, yellow, and crack. It had to be scanned in sections and reassemblied before printing and putting the new, restored image, back in the original 19th century oval frame.
Grandmother and Grandson Woman with Dog
This dorm room snapshot had yellowed with age and needed to have the blues brought back to prominance. Color photographs often loose their color over time. Digital restoration can bring them back.
Badly Damaged Boy Photo Restoration
We had this tiny 1" x 2" badly damaged photo restored and enlarged. We printed the image on matt art paper. The owner of this portrait is a family historian who restored many photos and collected them in albums for family members. Some photographs require a lot of creativity on the part of the restorer. A badly damaged fragment was all that was left of this photograph.
Girl Portrait

Girl with Dog


A black and white school photograph that had discolored with age was restored and colorized. Removing a distracting background from a snapshot portrait can make a dramatic difference to how we see the subject. This small photograph was scanned and, after restoration, enlarged and printed for framing.
Children Color Photo Child's photo stuck to glass
This snapshot had lost its color and worked better as a portrait when zoomed in more closely on the children. This photograph had lost a lot of color over time, and worse, had become damp, causing the photo emulsion to stick to the glass.
Boy with football 50s Couple
This photograph from the early 1960s had been decoupaged to a wooden board rather than framed with glass and matting. Over time light faded the photograph badly and it was further discolored by the varnish used in the decoupage process. Extensive restoration was needed. This studio portrait from the 1950s was quite small and badly damaged from never having been framed. However, with restoration it was returned to its original black and white and able to be enlarged for framing.
Asian man photo Girl Photo
This portrait needed to be recolorized, the background removed and cropped to remove the wine glass in front of the figure. This 1950s snapshot had lost all its color due to exposure to sunlight, but with careful restoration was brought back to its full glory.
Photo Restoration Photo Restoration
We can restore photos to their original black and white or sepia tone. We scanned this water- damaged antique portrait in sections and stitched them togther for restoration. Many of our customers choose a warm sepia tone for their restored work rather than the original black and white.
Photo Restoration Colorization before and after
When our clientt brought us this damaged photo of a Blackwatch Guard, she thought that the bearskin hat might be missing a feather. We researched Blackwatch, and determined that the missing item was a plume. We sent this guide print to our artists so that they could recreate this distinguished uniform. At The Framer's Workshop we personally work with our clients to make sure that each photo restoration has the best, most realistic outcome.. Hand Colorization done sparingly, can liven up an old, faded photo.
Photo Restoration Photo Restoration
We scanned this large, beautiful portrait in sections, and then stitched the four images together for restoration and subtle colorization. We offer several choices of paper, including canvas.We ordered this print on matt art paper for a soft, aged appearance. We scanned this damaged antique portrait and restored it keeping a warm sepia tone rather than converting it to the original balck and white.
tones for photo restoration Photo Restoration
Tones: We often see antique photos in a sepia tone that were actually black and white before acid and light damaged them. When you place your restoration order, be sure to pick the tone of your choice from the examples below. This photograph from the 1940s had a slight sepia cast to it, but had darkened with age. Restoration brought back the contrast and feel of the original image.
Baby Photograph to Art


With Custom Imaging techniques, a digital photograph can be transformed into a print that closely resembles a hand-painted owrk of art. With our printing services, we can print the image to any size you need and help you frame it for a lifetime of enjoyment.

photo portrait restoration photo portrait restore
The Portritization process blurs or removes backgrounds to keep the focus of attention on the primary faces and figures in the image.
Change Background your photo to pop cartoon art
Changing the background to a traditional portrait style can make a dramatic difference. Change a photograph to a dramatic portrait using the Comtemporary Color option.
pop art creation photo to pop art

The Pop Art technique can transform ordinary snapshots into fun works of art ready for framing.Pop Art I is shown below.

The Pop Art technique can also be used with brighter backgrounds. Pop Art II is shown below using vibrant colors.
dog photo restoration to pop art pop art photo of dog

Animals also make great pop art subjects, as do adults and children. We framed both of these dog prints in bright Nielsen Vivids metal frames. You can choose background colors to suit your subject.

We created the two dog protraits as holiday gifts. Imagine sending your student back to college with a memento from home, a framed Pop Art portrait of the family dog!
photo to cartoon art photo pop art poster creation
Cartoon Art with text bubble and Pink Heartfest background. Let your imagination run wild! See our example book at the shop for more cool backgrounds or send us an e-mail for background swatches. We can create Pop Art using contemporary colors as seen below. This is the Americana Style.
Warhol style pop art from photo photo to painting
We can turn photographs into Pop-Art posters with your choice of text and layout. Oil Brush Strokes can make a photograph look like a hand-painted work of art. Below, a photograph is made to look like an oil painting. Ask to see our sample book for a variety of illustrative styles and techniquest to choose from.
digital photo to painting digital photo to art technique
Another example of Oil Brush Strokes: Photos with large blocks of color, like this baby's hat, are best for the brushstrokes technique.This technique looks great printed on canvas, which we can stretch for you to hang framed or unframed.

In this Photo Illustration example, a photograph is given a fresh look of watercolor on paper.

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