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Member Professional Picture Framer's Association

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Ready Made Frames at The Framer's Workshop

Ready Made Frames - A Unique Service At The Framer's Workshop
Our Ready-Made Frame Prices Include Help Assembling Your Project in Our Shop!

Ready-Made Frames At The Framer's Workshop

At The Framer's Workshop we specialize in fine do-it-yourself and custom framing along with a variety of framing options to save you money. One way to save money is to frame with our wide selection of ready-made frames.

Unlike off-the-shelf frame stores, The Framer''s Workshop offers a complete ready-made service. When you purchase your ready made frame from us, we include our help to assemble your project in our shop using our space and our tools. When you walk out the door, your framing project will be complete and ready to hang on the wall when you get home.

Here's how it works:
Ready Made Frames, Berkeley
• Bring in the item(s) you'd like to frame
We help you select the best framing option for your needs
We cut mats to fit your ready-made frame if needed
We help you clean the glass and assemble your ready-made project
We show you how to put the paper dust cover on the back
We help you wire the frame and add the finishing touches which include a picture hook, protecter pads and our label, your guarantee for life!
When you leave our shop your project is ready to hang!
Ready Made Frames, Bearkley

All these services are included in the price of the ready-made frame!

If you also need mats for your framing project, we help you select just the right acid free mat color. Then we measure and cut the mat for you while you wait. We also offer framing upgrades which include acid free backing and UV filtering glass or acrylic.

As well as our economically priced Mihael Fey and one-of-akind ready-mades we also carry hand-crafted, solid oak Dard Hunter Mortise & Tenon Frames (illustrated below and to the right) and Canvas Floater Ready-Made Frames (see below). Come in to the shop to see all our ready-mades.

8x10 Dard Hunter Ready Made Frame
Floater Ready-Made for Canvas
Metal Frame Cross Section
Click Here for Metal Frame Assembly Instructions


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Our Ready Made RoomFramer's Workshop Ready Made -Room
We have a wide selection of ready made frames in standard sizes and profiles. We also have unique ready-made frames bult from left-over special-order mouldings that you will not find aywhere else!

Your Work SpaceYour Work Space

8x10 Dard Hunger Ready Made Frame

Jim Fishman

"I found this great odd-sized frame in their ready-made room; it was perfect for my mineature watercolors. I love framing my own art at The Framer's Workshop. It's homey, fun, economical, and supportive. The fact that they are a Green framing shop is a big bonus for me. Every time I leave the shop, I drive back to San Francisco with a beautifully framed art work and an open-hearted experience."--Jim Fishman, psychotherapist & self-trained artist from San Francisco.

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