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California Green
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California Green Business Program

Member Professional Picture Framer's Association

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Member Professional Picture Framer's Association

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Our Green Steps and Goals

The Framer’s Workshop is pleased to be a leader in the picture framing industry’s journey towards environmentally sound business and framing practices. Here are the steps that we take took in order to earn Bay Area Green Business Program certification. Our monthly Green Goals are listed to the right. Our commitment takes continued effort on the part of our framing team as we search for more ways to ensure that we are a socially and environmentally responsible framing business.  Please see our main Green Framing Page for information about the green framing products we offer.

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Steps to Certification:

Below are the steps we took in order to fulfill the requirements to become a certified with the California Green Business Network.

Our Green Goals:

We started our green program with small, achievable monthly goals. We are still working to decrease our environmental footprint.

Solid Waste

         Reuse Materials:

  1. We reuse printer paper. We keep a stack of used paper that is fed into the fax machine and padded as notepads.
  2. Reuse packaging materials. We cut down most large boxes such as glass boxes and use the cardboard for shipments and frame packaging
  3. We keep the plastic bags that our mats arrive in for packaging customer’s frames on rainy days. We also reuse the plastic to wrap our ready-made frames for display.
  4. We donate scrap materials and old equipment. We donate customer’s frames, mat, and foamcore scraps to the Depot for Creative Reuse in Oakland. They pick up at our shop.
  5. Additional measures:
    1. We reuse microfiber towels for most glass cleaning instead of using disposable towels.
    2. We ship posters in reused tubes.
    3. We use remnant glass, mat, foamcore for making ready-made frames.
    4. Our lifetime guarantee includes frame repair.
    5. We organize and sell mat, fabric, and glass, moulding, and fillet remnants.


  1. We reuse glass slip-sheets for packaging DIY orders.
  2. We recycle all glass bottles and all metal cans.
  3. We recycle all used plastic. Our city does not collect these so we take a weekly bag to neighboring city recycling centers.
  4. We have dedicated recycling containers throughout the business.
  5. We recycle mixed paper, mat board,  and newspapers.
  6. We recycle aluminum frame scraps by taking them to a local center that buys them by the pound. 

Reduce Waste

  1. We eliminated individual bottles of water for employees and guests. We use a water service instead.
  2. We eliminated the use of polystyrene containers. We use washable glass, mugs, and silverware for employee use and paper cups for guests.
  3. We purchased small recycled paper bags for miscellaneous items and greeting cards instead of plastic.
  4. We made two-sided printing standard practice. Our laser printer is set for duplex printing of back room work orders, while still printing pages that customers receive, such as invoices, on one side.
  5. We discourage printing of e-mail and other unnecessary documents.


  1. We replaced all T-12 fluorescent lighting with energy-efficient T-8   fixtures. This was one of our two major expense items.
  2. We replaced many of our incandescent bulbs with CFCs and incandescent bulbs under 50 watts. This remains a challenge in a gallery setting, and part of this requirement was waived because appropriate lighting is important for an art and framing business.
  3. We use Energy Star rated printers.
  4. We bought an Energy Star rated office refrigerator and set it to between 38 and 41 degrees F.
  5. We installed an extra light switch at one of the back room doors so that we could easily turn off the back room lights when not in use. We also required put up small signs reminding staff to turn off lights.
  6. We put a blanket around our small hot water tank and insulated the pipe leading to the bathroom sink.
  7. We keep lighting fixtures and diffusers clean.
  8. We use weather stripping around doors and windows. As we do not use air conditioning or heat in our building, we were exempt from energy requirements in this category. 


  1. We check regularly for plumbing and other leaks and replaced a leaky bathroom faucet.
  2. We posted signs in restroom and kitchen areas to encourage water conservation.
  3. We installed a low flow toilet with maximum flush volume of 1.6 gallons per flush. This was our second major expense.
  4. Our water is provided by the building so we were exempt from usage tracking requirements as we don’t receive a water bill.. Our only source of water is in the bathroom and the framing business uses very little water. We don’t have outdoor landscaping. 

Pollution Prevention

  1. We have very little hazardous waste in our shop, but we do store items like spent CFC bulbs, Unseal and paint in a Toxic Waste Box for proper disposal.
  2. We recycle empty ink cartridges with our office supply company.
  3. We donate used office equipment. A free ad on Craig’s List is an easy way to give items away.
  4. We joined the Spare the Air program and notify customers and staff when Spare the Air alerts are in place.
  5. We provide secure bicycle storage for employees that bike to work.

Environmentally Preferable Purchasing 

  1. We have a written environmentally preferable purchasing policy in place. Bay Area Green helped us by providing a model policy.
  2. We purchase paper towels and toilet paper manufactured with 35% post-consumer waste.
  3. We purchase garbage bags with the highest recycled content available
  4. We replaced aerosol glass cleaner with pump glass cleaner made by Method.
  5. We replaced bathroom aerosol air fresheners and cleaning products with biodegradable non-toxic versions made by Mrs. Meyers and Seventh Generation.
  6. We eliminated the use of products with added antibacterial agents.
  7. We do not have a pest control problem so did not have to eliminate any pesticides.
  8. We do business with other certified Bay Area Green businesses and we buy locally when possible.
  9. We buy low or no-VOC paints when we paint the walls in the shop. 
5 Green Goals For September, 2009
  • Reuse Glass Paper for Wrapping
  • Save Metal Frame Scraps & Take to Recycling Center at End of Month
  • Cut Down Large Glass & Foamcore Boxes into Useable Cardboard
  • Put < 10” Mat Scraps In Box Under Glass Mounting Table & Take to Depot for Creative Reuse at End of Month
  • Save, Write & Print on Scrap Paper Whenever Possible
6 Green Goals For October, 2009
  • Switch to Reusable Cutlery; Wash Dirty Silverware Each Evening
  • Use Microfiber or Cloth Towels Instead of Kimwipes or Paper Towels when Possible
  • Don’t Print Work Order Summaries (or other unnecessary paperwork.) Don’t Print Emails or Webpages.
  • Save Mounting Projects to Do in Large Batches When Possible
  • Turn Off Lights & Fans Upstairs When No One is Up There
  • Wrap Pulled Moulding Sticks Together with Reused Materials
6 Green Goals For November, 2009
  • Put all recyclables in appropriate bin
  • Learn about our green framing options and share your knowledge with customers.
  • Ship posters in reused tubes rather than foamcore/coroplast.
  • Use reusable mugs and glasses (Get a travel mug and bring it with you to the coffee shop!)
  • Use eco-friendly glass cleaner and microfiber towels whenever possible.
  • Come up with a green goal you think we should implement in December
6 Green Goals For December, 2009
  • Ask customer if they want gift wrap before wrapping piece in brown paper, to save paper.
  • Keep doors closed to save heat- especially when heater is on, but also when it’s off.
  • Use just as much tape as necessary when wrapping and shipping.
  • Put moulding scraps away as soon as you’re finished chopping so they don’t get damaged and have to be thrown out.
  • Make sure office computers & cash register are all turned off at night.
  • Read the survey results posted behind the wallcutter!
5 Green Goals For February, 2010
  • Save Art ID tags to put on finished, wrapped pieces.
  • Turn off the lights in the back room when no one is back there with our new light switch.
  • Put matboard, cardboard and paper in the new recycling bin by the wallcutter in the back room.
  • Try printing work orders double-sided to see if it would be feasible.
  • If you don’t know already, figure out how you could get to work on public transportation on
4 Green Goals For March, 2010
  • Try wearing gloves when cutting all types of glass so you don’t have to clean it at all!
  • Keep all toxic chemicals and paints contained in the new “tox-box.”
  • Keep track of the amount of trash and recycling we generate on the chart by the Wizard.
  • Get inspected and certified!

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