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     The Framer's Workshop
July, 2016      
_Clam Bake_ Linoleum Print by Patrick Simon
ABOVE: "Clam Bake," Linoleum Block Print by Patrick Simon 
Block Print Artist 
Patrick Simon
Patrick Simon _Spring__ _ 10_29 Linoleum Block Print
Patrick Simon, "Spring," # 10/29
Linoleum Block Print

Patrick Simon's linoleum block prints feature aquatic subjects and still-life themes. His editions are small, usually only 20-25 prints per edtion, printed on 100% archival paper.

Patrick Simon_ _Night Sky__ _ 10_26 Linoleum Block Print 
Patrick Simon. "Night Sky," # 10/26
Linoleum Block Print 

Simon developed his technique studying with a master printer from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon. The carved surface of the linoleum prints produces an image with unique clarity that distinguishes it from other print media.

 Patrick Simon_ _Nort Sea__ _ 8_27 Linoleum Block Print 
Patrick Simon, "North Sea." # 8/27
Linoleum Block Print 

Much of the inspiration for Simon's oceanic imagery derives from the print-like "relief" quality of fossilized life forms found in shale deposits. Simon developed a fascination with these fossils while studying at The University and Natural History Museums in Laramie Wyoming.

Simon explains the most basic elements of "relief" printing HERE
New Mounting Options
Now Available!
Plaque Mounting offers a  cost effective alternative to traditional picture framing.* Most plaque mounting is done on a hardboard substrate with a thin coating for moisture protection.

Acyrlic Float Mount

Above: Acrylic Face Mount Float a contemporary look for fine art photography using TruLife™ technology. (See article above, right).

Bamboo Acrylic Mount

Above: Acrylic Face Mount With Bamboo Edging TruLife™ technology (article above right)  with an ecologically friendly genuine bamboo edge.

Aluminum Float Mount

Your image float mounted on a 1/8" thick aluminum substrate. A perfectly clean, "no frame" minimalist look for your prints, posters and photographs.

*NOTE: We do not recommend plaque mounting or float mount on aluminum for original works of art or other one-of-a-kind or irreplaceable images. Although both mounting processes are safe in most instances, it IS an industrial process. Thus the complete safety of your one-of-a-kind image cannot be guaranteed. 

TruLife™ mounting processes are safe for photographs that are digitally produced (and thus replaceable in the rare instance of production problems).  
20% OFF
Yoshiko Yamamoto's
"Spring Chckadees" Motawi Tile

Yoshiko Yamamoto_s _Spring Chickadees_ Motawi Tile_ 20_ OFF through July 2016

Patrick Simon, "Clam Bake," # 10/29 Linoleum Block Print
Happy July Fourth from The Framer's Workshop!

This month we introduce a new artist, Patrick Simon. His linoleum block prints are celebrations you can hang on your wall! You can learn more about Patrick and his work in the side bar, left, and clicking through the various thumbnails.

Besides your favorite monthly member special offer (click through at the bottom) we're offering 20% off Yoshiko Yamamoto's "Spring Chickadees" Motawi tille. You can buy it online, HERE!
Framing 3D Objects  
Everything from Shoes to Oosiks!  
Folded Hand Crafted Poem On Note Paper 
"Picture Framing" implies framing a two-dimensional surface, typically paper or canvas. At The Framer's Workshop, we also frame collectible objects needing to be both showcased and protected. We take great care to enhance the look of the object while providing protection from handling, dust and damaging UV light.

Learn More and See Examples of a variety of Shadowbox and Acrylic Box, 3D Object Framing HERE
TruLife™ Photo Print Mounting 
Reflect Your Vision and Nothing Else!
TruLife Photo Print Mounting--a new inovation for photographic prints  
TruLife™ for Photo Face  Mounting by Tru Vue™ is a revolutionary new concept in photographic print display technology.

Most of you are familiar with Museum Glass® and the acrylic version, Optium Museum Acrylic®. TruLife™ Acrylic Photo Print Mounting merges your photograph directly to a museum grade acrylic, either as a second surface (print mounted to the acrylic) OR as a direct print ON the acrylic itself.

  • Virtually eliminates reflections when face/second surface mounted or directly printed
  • Achieves the most vibrant colors, depth and clarity
  • Blocks 99% of UV rays
  • Anti-static properties minimizes dust on the viewing side
  • Durable hard coat protects against scratches
  • Shatter resistance safeguards against injury and damage to artwork
  • Cleans like glass - no special acrylic cleaners needed
  • Proprietary coating is engineered for permanence
Tru Vue Product Video Next time you're in our shop, ask to see our samples of this revolutionary display technology. To learn more about Tru Vue's UV protection and anti-reflection technologies, watch this YouTube video.

Restoration of the month
Lost color due to oxidation and UV light exposure
Restoration of the month  
The reasons color photographs fade over time are technically complex. Suffice it to say that photographic dyes are vulnerable to both UV light and oxidation, or 'burning', from the materials within the print paper, the backing behind the framed print, the matting around the print and so on. This is why we recommend UV filtering glass and acrylic as well as acid-free backings and mats to preserve all your art on paper.

The family snap-hot above, is a perfect example. Although more color was retained around the edges not exposed to direct light, even these areas are not without color degradation. Fortunately the photograph had not faded to such an extent that it could not be digitally restored.

Unfortunately not all photographs can be digitally restored! The photograph below has lost so much contrast that many of the faces cannot be brought back without time consuming and costly digital reconstruction, a very different process.
Damaged photo that can not be easily restored  
Do not wait to have your old photographs scanned and restored! Even if you don't intend to print them right away, having a digital copy that CAN be restored will insure your old family photographs for posterity.  
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ABOVE: "North Sea," Linoleum Print by Patrick Simon