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The Framer's Workshop - Custom & DIY Picture Framing,
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     The Framer's Workshop
August, 2016      
_Evidence of the Whole_ Woodblock Print by Nick Aroblewski
ABOVE: "Evidence of the Whole," Woodblock Print by Nick Wroblewski  
Available as a greeting card in our shop. See more examples of Wroblewski cards below. 
New Greeting Cards From 
Artists to Watch 
New Larua Wilder Greeting Cards
Kenspeckle Letterpress Greeting Cards

CC Barton Greeting Cards
Among Silence_ Woodblock Print_ Nick Wroblewski
"Among Silence," Nick Wroblewski, Woodblock Print
Dear Kirstie,

We recently purchased a number of greeting card designs from "Artist's to Watch." (See examples, left column.) Among them are designs by woodcut artist, Nick Wroblewski. (See examples above, right and further below.)

Wroblewsii's large, hand cut woodblocks have a distinct aesthetic reminiscent of Japanese masters, yet uniquely his own. His oeuvre includes both reduction and multi-block printing.

Reduction prints are made from a single block of wood. The largest area of color is printed first, then, those areas intended to remain are carved away. The sequence of carving and printing continues until all the colors have been printed.

A multi-block process is used when colors are very different from one another and layering would affect their desired hue. You can see examples and learn more about, Wroblewski's print making process on his website

Yoshiko Yamamoto Editions Almost Sold Out   
Only Two "Dancing Rabbits" Available.  

When Poppies Bloom Out of Print 
_Dancing Rabbits_ Out of Print 3 left 
Wisdom of the Trees _Apple Trees_ 
_Mighty Oaks_ 
_Summer Oaks Sunset_  
_Peace Lanterns_ 
_Fir Branch_ 
Gamble House at Dusk 
 Yoshiko Yamamoto limited edition letter press prints sell out on a regular basis. The above examples are almost gone. Only three "Dancing Rabbits," remain. You can see our archive of sold-out Yamamoto prints HERE.  
Nick Wroblewski Greeting Cards  
From original woodblock prints
Nick Wroblenski Greeting Cards 
Restoration of the month
Why matting is recommended for photographs
This young lady's portrait is a perfect example of why we recommend matting (or some other spacer) be placed between the photograph and the frame's glass. Glass is a cold, dense material that easily condenses humidity from the atmosphere. We've all seen how moisture drips down the sides of a cold glass of iced tea or soda. Although usually not that extreme, glass in a frame can also condense humidity, causing moisture build up that can cause the glass to adhere to your photograph. Digital Photo Restoration has rescued this print from both age-related yellowing and moisture condensation. 
Chloe Castro with her  framed piece _Saint_
Every Picture Tells a Story

Chloe Castro, an Oakland based artist and objects conservator,  framed several pieces of her work with us, including the one shown entitled "Saint".
Chloe writes, "Even from walking in the door the first time, The Framer's Workshop was a joy! I didn't feel rushed when I was hemming & hawing over different color mat boards & was even encouraged to look at as many as possible. And the girl who helped me, Sam, was the most patient as I took my time framing my pieces myself. I can't wait to come back!"

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