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August 2015 
Graphic Visualization at The Framer's Workshop

Visualize your framing projects and wall arrangements.

Individual Visualized Frames
Two Mat Opening visualization
Antique Map Visualization
Antique Map Visualization
Round Mirror Visualization
Visualized Antique Portrait in an Oval Mat
Above: These are not photographs of actual framed items. Rather they are digital visualizations of framed artwork, maps, a round mirror, and an antique portrait in an oval mat. Come in or call us regarding our digital graphic visualization services.
Primitive Tribal Texture & Pattern Specialty Frames  
Tribal Texture and Pattern Specialty Frames
A selection of our "Primitive" Tribal Pattern and Texture Specialty Frames. Click to see a larger version.
A contemporary abstract painting on canvas by Zio Ziegler framed with a linen liner and a
A contemporary abstract painting on canvas by Zio Ziegler framed with a linen liner and a "Chocolate Gum Drops" frame. Click to see a large version.

A photograph of  
A photograph of "Mud Cloth" paintings drying in the sun. The photograph is matted with an acid free gray mat and a "Java Bean (Weave)" frame. Click to see a large version
A "Mud Cloth" painting floated inside a Tribal Patterned shadow box frame, "Primitive Black (Tall)". Click to see a large version.

The Framer's Workshop has the largest selection of frame samples in our showroom of any framer in the Bay Area. Each month we feature an example of "Specialty Frames" such as the "Primitive" patterns and textures above.

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Visualized Antique Berkeley Map
Visualized Antique Berkeley Map 

The Framer's Workshop is more than a picture framing store. A lot more. This month we feature one of the many things our Graphics Manager, Mike Wells, does for us: Graphic VIsualizations of completed framing and installation arrangements. All the framed items on the banner, above and to the left, were visualized by Mike using our visualization software and Photoshop.  Most such work, such as the framed historical Ice Axes for VF Outdoor, are done for corporate clients. However, we also offer this service to our retail customers like you! Talk with us next time you're in the shop to find out more! 
Why do we only use Tru Vue Glazing Products?
Because they offer the best protection for your art!
Tru Vue Museum Glass not only filters 99% of damaging UV light, it significantly reduces reflection.

Some competing glass companies say they filter damaging UV light, but only offer 92% filtration using "reflective technology". This means maximum filtration is only achieved at a 90 angle - and we all know light strikes artwork from many angles. Therefore, the aggregate percentage of UV blocking for competing glass is substantially lower than the percentage quoted.  

All Tru Vue conservation products offer 99% filtration using absorptive technology to block UV light from every angle. With Tru Vue the blocking is uniform from all angles, and the filtration percentage remains constant. This is true for ALL Tru Vue UV filtering products and exceeds the established 97% industry standards to be truly "UV blocking".  That's why major museums and quality framers YouTube Video Linklike The Framers Workshop prefer Tru Vue products.

 To learn more, watch this short YouTube presentation:  
Frame of the Month  
Flourishing flamenco oil on canvas 
Lee and Sarah show off this large oil on canvas.
Gold Canvas Frame and Linen Liner We framed this painterly oil on canvas of a Flamenco Dancer using a Larson-Juhl "Metro" Tall Gold Canvas frame and a white shallow scoop linen liner. 
Restoration of The Month 
Reclaiming mom's nose

Restoration of the Month
This badly damaged photograph of "mom" needed major work, including a new nose. Facial features are difficult to match but fortunately our customer supplied reference photographs of mom with nose in place so the damaged photograph could be restored to her satisfaction. Learn more about digital photo restoration on our Restoration Page.
Prisma Frame of the Month 
A perfect circle frame for perfectly circular art
Prisma Frame of the Month  
Signed and numbered offset lithograph print, "Korin Chrysanthemum," by Takashi Murakami. The print is circular and called for an unusual framing treatment. We chose this clear, black Prisma frame that gives the print a "floating" effect. The print measures 30" in diameter and since the customer preferred to not have it matted, we glazed it with Tru Vue Optium Museum Acrylic. This choice allows the glazing to sit directly on the print without fear of moisture build-up. The Optium Museum Acrylic™ also significantly reduces reflected glare and protects the vibrant ink colors. 
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