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The Framer's Workshop > Fine Art Prints & Tiles > Motawi Tiles

When purchasing multiple tiles, save on shipping and handling by placing your order by phone:
510-849-4444 10AM-6PM Pacific Time

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For over 20 years Motawi Tile Works has produced stunning handmade decorative Tiles. Motawi Tile designs have distinctive geometric ornamental qualities that work well with Craftsman Style, Mid-Century Modern and Minimalist decor and architecture.

We offer Motawi Tiles unframed, or framed with our 1.25" Ebonized Wood frame (shown left).

Show off your decorative Tile with a Motawi Tile Display Easel (shown right): Crafted steel with a powder-coated matte black finish. The Short (4.5") ease is designed for use with 4x4 square and 4x8 horizontal Tiles. We recommend the Tall (7") easel for all other Tiles.

Holiday Themed Motawi Tiles
8x8 Charley Harper
Gift Rapt
4x4 Christmas Tree (Red) 6x6 Wreath - White  
Charley Harper Motawi Tile Brrrdbath Charley Harper Motawi Tile Coniferous Cardinal  
6x8 Charley Harper Brrrrdbath 4x8 Charley Harper
Cool Cardinal
6x6 Charley Harper Coniferous Cardinal  
Charley Harper Design Motawi Tiles
Charley Harper Design Motawi Tile Who's Watching Whom Charley Harper Motawi Tile Family Owlbum
8x8 Bear In The Birches 8x8 Birch Bark Birds 4x8 Who's Watching Whom? 6x6 Family Owlbum
Charley Harper design Motawi Tile Br
3x3 Woodpecker 3x3 Squirrel 3x3 Owl 3x3 Bluejay
Charley Harper Motawi Tile Headbanger
4x8 Giraffe & a Half (Blue) 4x8 Giraffe & a Half (Yellow) 4x8 Giraffe & a Half (Green) Headbanger
Charley Harper Motawi Tile Catnip (Gold) Charley Harper Motawi Tile Catnip (Grey) Charley Harper Design Motawi Tile Seed Bandit Grey Blue Charley Harper Motawi Tile Gregarious Grosbeaks (Blue)
6x6 Catnip (Gold) 6x6 Catnip (Grey) 4x4 Seed Bandit
(Grey Blue)
4x4 Gregarious Grosbeaks (Blue)
Charley Harper Motawi Tile Little Sipper Charley Harper Motawi Tile Coniferous Cardinal Charley Harper Motawi Tile Upside Downside Charley Harper Motawi Tile "October"
6x6 Little Sipper 6x6 Coniferous Cardinal 6x6 Upside Downside 6x6 October
Charley Harper Motawi Tile Brrrdbath Charley Harper Motawi Tile Autumn Edibles Charely Harper Motawi Tile Limp on a Limb
8x8 Gift Rapt

6x8 Brrrrdbath

6x6 Autumn Edibles 6x6 Limp On A Limb
Charley Harper Cardinal Motawi Tile Cardinal Charely Harper Motawi Tile Hare Carrot Charley Harper Motawi Tile Hare Grey Charley Harper Motawi Tile Hare Light Blue

4x4 Cardinal

4x4 Hare Carrot 4x4 Hare Grey 4x4 Hare Light Blue
Charley Harper Motawi Tile Blue Jay Charley Harper Motawi Tile Homecoming    
4x8 Blue Jay 4x8 Homecoming    
Yoshiko Yamamoto Design Motawi Tiles
Yoshilo Yamamoto Motawi Tile Spring Chickadees Yoshiko Yamamoto Designed Motawi Tile Christmas Cardinals Yoshiko Yamamoto Motawi Tile Ravin Midnight  
6x6 Spring Chickadees 6x8 Winter Cardinals 6x8 Raven Midnight  
Yoshiko Yamamoto Motawi Tile Motawi Montana de Oro Yoshiko Yamamoto Motawi Tikle Redwood Yoshiko Yamamoto Motawi Tile California Oak  
6x8 Montana de Oro 6x8 Redwood California Oak  
Frank Lloyd Wright Design Motawi Tiles
Frank Lloyd Wright Motawi Tile Water Lilies (Cream) Frank Lloyd Wright Motawi Tile Water Lilies (Light Blue)  
6x8 Saguaro 6x8 Water Lilies Cream 6x8 Water Lilies Light Blue  
Frank Lloyd Wright Motawi Tile Skylight Frank Lloyd Wright Motawi Tile Martin House    
4x8 Skylight 4x8 Martin House
Discontinued 1 Remaining
Craftsman Style Flora & Fauna
Craftsman Style Flora (Flowers, Landscapes, Geometric)
Motawi Tile 6x6 Field Game - Cadet
6x6 Field Game - Cadet 4x8 Poppy 4x8 Bell Flower 4x8 Checkerpot Rose
Motawi Tile Alhambra Deco (Brown) Motawi Tile Alhambra Deco (Periwinkle)  
4x4 Alhambra Deco
4x4 Alhambra Deco Olive
4x4 Alhambra Deco
Motawi Tile Starry Flowers (Blue) Motawi Tile Starry Flowers (Green) Motawi Tile Hillside Rose black
4x8 Starry Flowers Blue 4x8 Starry Flowers Green 4x4 Hillside Rose (Black)
Craftsman Style Fauna (Birds, Fish, Frogs, Insects)
Motawi Tile Vienna Woods (Blue) Motawi Tile Vienna Woods (Brown) Motawi Tile Hummingbird Light Blue Motawi Tile Lovebirds (Green Oak)
6x8 Vienna Woods (Blue)

6x8 Vienna Woods (Brown)

6x8 Humming Bird
Light Blue
4x8 Lovebirds (Green Oak)
Motawi Tile Bee (Green) Motawi Tile Bee (Light Blue) Motawi Tile Frog (Light Blue)
4x4 Bee (Green) 4x4 Bee (Light Blue) 4x4 Frog (Light Blue) 4x4 Turtle (Light Blue)
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