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Framed Motawi Tiles: Birds, Animals & Insects

Birds, Animals & Insects

Motawi Tile EaselsBees, Dragonflies, Butterflies, Frogs, Turtles, even Wood Ducks make their appearance in Motawi's Menagerie of stylized designs. These handmade tiles are collectible and make excellent gifts.

Be sure to click the icons below to see the tile in each of our Motawi Special Frames (far right).

Don't forget, we also have Display Easels in stock for displaying your framed and unframed Motwai Tile!

Frame Selection for Motawi Tiles

Our Motawi Special Frames

Motawi Tile Lovebirds Paines Penguins Motawi Tile Motawi Fish Blue
Lovebirds Paine's Penguins Fish Blue 4x4
Motawi Tile Monarch Golden Butterfly Motawi Butterfly Alexandra Motawi Tile Callicore Turquoise Butterfly
Monarch Golden Alexandra Turquoise Callicore Turquoise
Motawi Tile Frog Green Salmon Motawi Tile Frog Green Motawi Tile Bee Moss
Frog Green Salmon Frog Green Bee Moss
Motawi Frog Oak Motawi Tile Frog Light Blue Motawi Tile Koi Pond Turquoise
Frog Oak
Discontinued, One Remaining
Frog Light Blue Koi Pond Turquoise
Motawi Tile Dragonfly Green Motawi Wooden Duck Motawi Dragonfly Light Blue
Dragonfly Green Wood Duck Dragonfly Light Blue
  Motawi Tile Speedy Bonito Turquoise  
  Speedy Bonito Turquoise  

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