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California Green Business Program

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The Framer's Workshop - Custom & DIY Picture Framing,
Oversize Printing & Digital Restoration

2439 Channing Way, Berkeley, CA 94704 • (510)  849–4444 • Hours: Mon, Tu, Wed, Fri, Sat: 10-6; Th: 10-8; Sun: Noon to 6
FIrst hour FREE Parking Above Our Shop! $2 per hour after the first hour, up to 4 hours.

The Framer's Workshop > Examples of our work
Examples of Our Work at The Framer's Workshop

Experience Counts!

All our Custom Framing is done in-house using the latest framing equipment and Archival Framing Techniques, by dedicated custom framers with years of experience, under the supervision of owners and managers with three decades of experience.

We are problem solvers who can find creative solutions for any framing challenge large and small. Below are examples of Ketubah and other Celebratory framing, Sports Jersey framing, Antique Photo framing, Needlework framing, Collectable Rock Posters, framed original works of art, framed 3D objects, framed clothing, framed oversized and unique items and much, much more. Be sure to click on the thumbnails to see the larger versions.

See Examples of our Colelctable Rock Poster Framing

Framed Indian Embroidered Tapestry Framed Zardosi embrodery peacock wall hanging Framed Ren and Stimpy Animation Cel Framed Oversize Civil War Era US Flag Framed Tiger Cat
Framed Short Hair Cat Framed Samurai Scarf Framed PHISH poster triptych Framed Paul Vichner Animation Cell
Framed Malificent Animation Cell Framed Engagement Vows Round Prisma Framed Framed Antique 48 Star Flag Figurine in an acrylic box
Framed MARS NASA/JPL poster Framed ENCELADUS NASA/JPL poster Framed "The Grand Tour" NASA/JPL poster Framed TITAN NASA/JPL poster Framed EUROPA NASA/JPL poster
Framed "51 Pergasi b" NASA/JPL poster Framed Medals, Medallions and Awards UCPD Service Award Framed Malefecent Animation Cell Warhol Mercedez Benz In Security Acrylic Box
Framed Child's Gown Framed Native American Weaving in Barnwood Frame Double Sided Framed Antique Documents Framed Oversize Brian Williams Lithograph Framed Graduation Mortarboard
Framed Sports Memorabelia Three Sports Jerseys in One Frame Framed Eagle Scout Badges Framed Wishbone and Photographs Framed Komono Stencil
Large and oversize canvas stretching Painting on silk framed in a Dard Hunter Mortise and Tenon frame Framed Hunderwasser Print Framed Eye Physicians Jersey Hundertwasser in a Prisma frame
Framed Flamenko Dancer Oil on Canvas Framed wood guitar pick collection. Oversized Shark Photograph in a Hardwood Frame Framed Oversize Bay Area Panorama
Framed Hand Painted Dragon Leaves Kirstie & Jeff in Barcelona Mary Magdalene in a Prisma frame Fashion photograph in a Prisma frame Framed Phi Kappa Psi Dance Card Booklet
Yoshiko "Pines" in a Dard Hunter frame FDR, Harvard, 1904 Framed Wedding Lace ramed photograph and brass plaque Framed PAC 12 Signing Pen and Photographs
Franed Gay Wedding Invitation Framed Album Covers Melocactos Print Framed Mark Ryden Print Beaded Reflex Hammers
Bay Bridge Vintage Photographs with Bridge Rivets Bay Bridge Vintage Photographs with Bridge Rivets Bay Bridge Vintage Photographs with Bridge Rivets Ancient Aliens Photograph in a Prisma Frame Historical Military Medals
Ebony Figurines Framed Coastguard Jacket and Cap Framed Sir Edmund Hillary Ice Ax Margarate Keane Painting Sorority Sweater
Framed LEED Gold Medal Award Oversized Campari Lithograph Aikman Jersey Tom Duffy Shoes in an Acrylic Box
Framed Whistler Etching Framed Antique Book Cover WDDC Commemorative Gift Framed Guardians of the Galaxy Original Drawing Framed two-sided illuminated manuscript
Framed Lionel Messi Sports Jersey with Brass Plaque Mandragora Print Framed Police Revolver Framed Story Book Illustration Family Photos with cut text
Newman 25 Framed Athletic Jersey Framed Rolling Stones Pearl Jam Poster FramedWayangShadowPuppet Framed Lakers "Magic" Johnson Basketball Jersey
Framed Antique Train Panel Tapestry Black Bear
Kerpenic Jersey Framed Golf ball & score card Framed World War II Portrait Framed World War II Portrait Floater Frame Example
Framed Rolling Stones Licks World Tour Poster Infant Dress Ketubah framing Framed Dolphin's Infant Sports Jersey Framed "The Who" Poster
Bayer Book Bayer Key Framed collegiat basketball jersey. Green Bay Packers
Ossik Wiener "Ginkos Unfurled" Southerland Wedding Anouncement Framed Crossroads Poster Hybiscus Flowers
Framed Police Badges Framed Rolling Stones Winterland Poster Framed coins Star of David Framed Ketubah
Cachou LaJaune Oversize Antique Lithograph Bayer Cross Sign Broken Wine Glass in Box Frame Zalgiris 50 Framed Jersey Framed Oversize Scarf
Framed Ketubah Antique Placer Claim Yosemite Glacier Point with a Waterfall Mat Book Award Jerry Bonds Baseball in Shadowbox
Rugby Jersey Chinese Teal Block Talk-N-Text 50 Framed Jersey UCLA Base Ball Jersey San Francisco 50 Framed Jersey
Widespread Panic Yellow Widespread Panic Yellow Sound Garden Poster Widespread Panic Orange Widespread Panic Green
Wedding Invitation with Nouveau Pillar Brused Silver Mat African Kite in a Fabric Walled Shadow Box frame Framed rock poster with drum sticks Women With Dogs Framed antique bronze pieces
Double Sided Frame framed insect collection Grumbacher Brushes Colonial Collage PIQ Restaurant Photograph
Pocius 5 Framed Jersey Rockets 50 Framed Jersey Joe Montana Jersey in Silver Frame Framed Diploma and Tassel, diploma framing Sporting Green Article
Meyer Miniature Cello Gothic Manuscript Framed Bandits Jersey Framed Unicorn Needlepoint tapestry Cal Kid's Jersey framed
Framed Fishing article Framed football jerseu, jersey framing Ketubah framing Yoshiko Yamamoto "Berkeley Rose Garden" in Baer frame Special Medals
Framed medallion Cal Crew 1905 framed sweater Oakland A's Sports jersey frame Picasso Dutch Frame Akrabic Katuba
Hawaii Painting Framed Rice Jersey CBWTU framed shadow puppett Framed Penn Jersey
Audobon with French Lines Alzheimers 2013 The thousand oaks of Berkeley Hills arts and crafts frame Framed Air Medal
American Alice Staned Glass Irish Knot Wedding frame Nouveau shaped mat Framed Cal certificate Framed Indian costume
Framed Bono drum skin Wedding invitation framed Jacuzzi Brothers Seven Opening Mat Framed vintage original poster Diploma frame
Framed Cal Softball base framed stamp collection Framed Wedding Anouncement Double jersey framing, jersey frames Lee Jester Photography
Framed Zuniga Jasper Johns Flag framed Framed model car kid's collage frame Framed award
Yoshiko Yamamoto "Thousand Oaks" in a Baer frame framed art Framed oil painting Framed Harrington Jersey The Beast
Goines Peet's Coffee Irene Klar framed etching David Goines framed HIllside Club African Art in Shadowbox Framed Cal Crew Tee shirt
framed antique pastel Geese Papyrus framed antique photo Framed Jewish art Framed papyrus
wedding invitation framed brazil/USA wedding invitation framed signature mat Sepia Snow Egret Wildflower Watercolor Poster
winner Alzheimer's framing donation Framed Folon poster Framed arts and crafts Yamamoto Koi

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